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WordPress is Awesome!

WordPress is a lifesaver for small organizations. It offers tremendous flexibility, features bordering on the magickal, and extensibility for an organization on a budget. Backed by a community of millions, you can have confidence that your WordPress site will be able to serve your needs both now and in the future.

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You’ve watched tutorials, read articles, but nothing compares to live, one-on-one help. Helping you with your specific needs, on your time, in your real world environment.

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Quick, Common Question

Need an easy WordPress question answered? We can help. Book a 15-minute chat time. It’s just enough to get you on track, and off to the races

Tech Support

Is your site down? Server acting up? Emails not being sent? We can walk through it with you can help pinpoint the issue and help create a plan to fix it ASAP.  

Maintenance Training

Taking over a website for your organization?  We’ll help you understand the basics of WordPress site maintenance and editing all in 1 hour. 

Build a Site

Need to fast track your new website? We’ll walk you through it all. From a blank slate to a functioning site in 2.5 hours. We’ll include some essential tools

Need Expert WordPress Support?

Get a 15 Minute Help Session and Save Time and Frustration.

Backed By Experience

WordPress tutor is run by individuals with over 15 years of experience in WordPress development, design and marketing. The proof is in the digital pudding; if we can’t help you, we’ll refund your money.

Sharing Screens With Video Chat

We use ubiquitous Google Meet to share screens, video chat and help direct you in real time. We can accomplish so much because we see what you see and direct you accordingly. 

Don’t Just Learn, Build

Most tutorials show you an example of how to build a non-realworld example.  We have you making your site right from the get go. You aren’t just learning you’re making progress towards your end goal.

Let’s Make a Website That Works for Your Organization.

Don’t know exactly what you need, book by time?

Don’t see your specific need addressed, book by time and we will help you with any issue we can. We can help you add new features and plugins, refine themes, integrate services, help you test new tools, offer advise on security and backups. Whatever you need you’ll have our ear. If you book more then you need, we’ll refund the difference.